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Rego keeps track of the places that matter to you

That cosy café. Those remote trailheads. The diving spots and photo shoot locations. The sales branches and meeting points. Whatever the place—work or play—Rego remembers it.

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One place for all your places

Organized into collections, highlighted with custom pin colors and starring—and searchable and sortable in a variety of ways.

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Adding places is easy

From your current location to a geo-tagged photo, Rego provides lots of ways to record the places you’ve been, and those where you want to go.

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Capture the moment

Places are more than pins on a map. Capture the moment in beautiful photos and detailed notes. Rego keeps them all private and organized.

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Discover & Share

Logging into your account here at, you'll find an amazing platform for discovering new places to add to Rego, as well as sharing your places and collections with others.

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How People Use Rego

Travel Planning

Getting ready for a trip? Add all the places you’ll visit, and then use Rego while there to get around and capture the moments. And if you’re looking for ideas, use the website to discover and add places, or get a friend with Rego to share a collection.

Daily Life

See a new restaurant that looks nice? Add it to Rego. Meeting a friend? Send them the location in Rego. Need to remember where you parked the car? Add it to Rego. Got a few minutes to kill? Open Rego and check out what’s nearby.

Journaling & Sharing

Capture the places you visit, including beautiful photos and notes. Organize those places into collections—like “Paris Trip”, “Cafés with Wifi” or even “Potential Photo Shoots”. Relive those memories and stories by swiping through your recorded photos and notes, or publish them to to share with friends.

For Work

Photographers tracking photo shoot locations, engineers tracking remote drilling locations, real estate agents tracking their listings and salespeople tracking their branch offices—people around the world are using Rego to keep track of places relevant to their working lives.

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Share with a friend.

Rego is private by default. But sometimes you’ll want to share a collection of places with a friend—or even the whole world—and Rego makes that easy. Shared places import directly into Rego.

Yet another social network?

Absolutely not. We built Rego to be private; it's for your places. You can share places and collections, but there are no friend lists, following people or “feeds”.

No service. No problem.

Rego uses the iPhone’s GPS to find your location, so you can document your trip without concern for phone service or data roaming.

Navigate there.

When you’re ready to go, just send a Rego place to Apple Maps, Google Maps or TomTom for navigation, and you’ll be on your way.